Pembina - Manitou Area Foundation

Pembina-Manitou Area FoundationMission Statement:
To administer a perpetual fund designed to benefit the communities within the Rural Municipality of Pembina by identifying community priorities and assisting local charities and worthwhile projects.
What is a Community Foundation?
A community foundation is a philanthropic organization established and primarily as a permanent collection of endowed funds, the earnings of which are used for the long term benefit of a geographically defined community.
A community foundation is an independent tax exempt, incorporated body and cannot be controlled directly or indirectly by government at any level, corporations, associations and their members or individuals.
Pembina - Manitou Area Foundation
The Pembina - Manitou Area Foundation Inc. was incorporated August 6, 1997. It is officially registered with Revenue Canada as a tax exempt Public Foundation and has been allotted a charitable registration number.
The governing body is composed of area volunteers that represent the communities within the Pembina Municipality.
This Foundation is structured primarily as a permanent collection of funds which are invested and earnings used to fund local charities and address community priorities.
How can you give?
A gift to the Foundation is an ongoing expression of gratitude to one's community and represents a desire to benefit future generations.
You may contribute in several different ways:
  • a gift or pledge of money
  • a bequest in a will
  • a gift of life insurance naming the Foundation as beneficiary
  • a gift in memory of a relative or friend
  • a multi-year pledge
  • an interest free loan for a specific period
Current Board Members
 President: Shannon Holenski
 Treasurer: Robert Selby
 Secretary: Heather Hamilton 
 Members:  Evelyn Lea
  Lorne Schultz
  Barry Dobson 
  Charissa Dobson 
  Travis Long 
  Thor Thorleifson 
  Ray Keen 

To Donate Please mail to:
Pembina - Manitou Area Foundation Inc.
Box 535
Manitou, MB
R0G 1G0
If you are a community group that would like to apply for funding please fill out an application form and submit to the address above. Application deadline is February 28th.