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Darlingford was once home to grades 1-12 school, telephone exchange, post office and a variety of businesses including grocery stores, banks, gas stations, restaurants,
several churches, a farm implements dealership, hardware store and lumber yard.
Today, a church, auto repair and post office remain. The school has been converted into a museum and meeting room.
While many businesses are gone, the heart of the community resides in the roughly 250 people who make this their home.

Darlingford was founded by James Ephraim Law, builder of the first house in the town. The Law cairn was erected and is a tribute to the steadfast love of family and community that was inherent in the life of John Oliver and Sara Law. They instilled these same virtues in their thirteen children that they raised on this very site. John Oliver is the son of James Ephriam Law. James was said to have purchased this NW8-3-7W in 1898 but the registration did not take place until 1902.