Nellie McClung
Manitou’s most famous former resident is that of Nellie McClung. Nellie, then Mooney, moved to the area around 1890 when she started her teaching career at Hazel School, a small country school 3 miles northwest of Manitou.
In 1892, following two excellent inspector’s reports, she obtained a teaching position in Manitou for 1 year. Here she met a woman she would regard as a mentor and role model, Annie McClung. Mrs. McClung, was the wife of the Methodist minister in Manitou, and the mother of Nellie’s future husband, Wes.

August 25, 1896 Nellie married Wes McClung and the couple settled in Manitou where Wes was the local pharmacist. They lived above the drug store, now the present day Spot Lite Café. Wes McClung built a brand new drug store across the street from the old one in 1901. Shortly after that time they moved into their new home. The house sat on what is now the War Memorial Park. The McClung's remained in Manitou until 1911.
In Manitou four of her children were born, here the first of her 16 books, "Sowing Seeds In Danny”, was written, and it was here that she began her lifelong dedication to improving the political and social well being of women.

In 1963 the new high school in Manitou was dedicated and named Nellie McClung Collegiate.

A bronze bust of Nellie McClung stands outside the Opera House in Manitou and was dedicated in 2004 as a symbol of Mrs. McClung’s time in Manitou and her accomplishments to the social and political well being of women in Canada.

The house once occupied by Wes and Nellie McClung now stands at the Archibald Historical Museum grounds fully furnished, as it would have been in their time.