Swimming Pool
Manitou's swimming pool was completed in July of 2003. The facility boasts several leisure amenities, including:
  • junior olympic (25m) main pool area
  • integrated wading pool
  • zero depth beach entry
  • aerated bubble bench 
  • three waterslides
    • "The Little Dipper" wide slide
    • "The Twister" 120 foot flume slide
    • "The Plunge" side by side rocket slide
  • grass deck area
  • 2 large shade structures
The pool is open seven days a week from mid June to early September. Programs include Red Cross Preschool and Swim Kids Lessons, Life Saving Society leadership courses, aqua size classes, adult/fitness swimming, public swimming, and swim team practices and competitions. The facility is also available for private rentals at a cost of $120/hr (including GST).

In the Spring of 2015 a second shade structure was added with a little help from our Friends at the Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries Small Capital Sponsorship Program.  It was an addition that was long overdue and we were very pleased to have received a grant to help us complete the project. 
For more information please call the pool at 204-242-3090 (during the swim season) or 204-242-2838 (in the off-season).
June 11 - 22
SESSION 1(2 Weeks)
July  2 - 13
SESSION 2 (Intensive)
July 16 - 20
SESSION 3 (Intensive)
July 23 - 27
SESSION 4 (Intensive)
July 30 - Aug 3
SESSION 5 (Intensive)
Aug 6 - 10
Bronze Cross / Medallion - July 21 / 22 (8am - 6pm w/lunch break)